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Our sister site is an online learning center for Japanese pottery, the most extensive online database on Japanese-pottery knowledge anywhere. Over 450 pages and 4260 images!

Kyoto National Museum

When in Kyoto a must-visit.

Sister site e-yakimono

Explore our sister site and pottery knowledge center

It offers over 450 English pages and 4300+ photos on Japan's pottery scene and the styles and traditions of Japanese pottery.
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gallery tour

Join us for a photo tour of our Kyoto Gallery

Both this site and our sister site ( work out of the same gallery. I thought since not many of you can visit our gallery here in Kyoto, I’d post a few photos showing the displays we have. So much visual nourishment for the senses… Join us

pdf map

Download our new Location Map

At the intersection of Shirakawa-dori and Imadegawa-dori there is a Bank of Kyoto on the corner, and across the street on the north side is the start of the Philosopher's Path. Please use the map starting from there. Download the map